Materials of Insistence


Buttero leather is from Toscana in Italy.
Tanner Walpier has been making this oiled leather with 100% vegetable tanning.
The texture is a little bit hard and delicate. 
However, you can enjoy the beautiful leather aging.
Please take care when it rains. Because water spots will occur easily.



This leather is tanned by the Consulteria La Bretagna company at Toscana in Italy as well.
There is a good climate and good quality water from the Alno river for the leather tanning.
The leather is manually dyed one by one by the skilled craft man.
The features of this 100% dyed leather are natural color unevenness and natural wrinkle.
Therefor this expressive leather is suitable for hand-made products. 
The weakness of this leather is against humidity and sweat. Please take care of the water spot.



This high-quality leather is tanned by vegetable tannin. 
Many luxury brands are using this leather.
The rubbing processing brings to the leather elasticity and natural texture.
There are some natural wrinkles which gives it a natural feeling.



This leather which is tanned by chrome makes a soft touch feeling.
On the other hand, this leather is delicate against humid and rainy seasons.
Please avoid using your bags in rainy days.



This fabric which is used for ships’ sail is very hard and strong.
We use the 8grade canvas for tote-bags and the 6grade canvas for travel bags.
The 8grade canvas is thinner than 6grade canvas.

Japanese Craftsmanship

The domestic and foreign high appraisal of domestic and foreign industrial products is well known as the automotive industry, but in the fashion field, we are pushing for luxury brands in Europe and the United States and fast fashion produced in developing Asian countries.
The place of activity of Japanese craftsmen who supported Japanese fashion culture has narrowed, and the number has drastically decreased.
Among them, we think that people know that Japanese jeans are recognized as the world's best quality, and that some luxury brands in Europe and the United States have been manufactured by Japan and imported from Japan.
Even in fashion, the craftsmanship that supports Japanese products produced by stubborn quality standards, details with insistence, and concern for users is now being handed down to young craftsmen now and again get high rating from overseas .
J's also want to support Japanese fashion craftsmans powerfully.